Hegel and the Enlightenment

About this Conference

This conference was held in conjunction with the Hegel Society of Great Britain.

Location: Pembroke College, Oxford

Date: 2 - 3 September 1996


  • Stephen Houlgate (University of Warwick): 'Hegel's Critique of the Triumph of "Verstand" in Modernity'
  • Robert Pippin (University of Chicago): 'Hegel on Historical Meaning: For Example, "The Englightenment" '
  • Norbert Waszek (Universit Paris VIII): 'Hegel and the Historical Throught of the Enlightenment'
  • Katrina Deligiorgi (University of Essex): 'Dissatisfied Englightenment'
  • Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University): 'Enlightened Romanticism? Hegel's Reception of the Enlightenment'
  • Robert Wokler (University of Manchester): 'The Enlightenment at Dusk'


Dr R. Stern, Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Sheffield, S10 2TN