Hume Studies in Britain

Hosted by the British Society for the History of Philosophy in collaboration with The Mind Association and The Foundation for Intellectual History.

About this Conference

Location: Newnham College / Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge, U.K.

Dates: 14-15 September 2000

Organizers: Marina Frasca-Spade (Cambridge) and Peter Kail (Cambridge)

Speakers Included

  • Martin Bell (Manchester Metropolitan University): Transcendental Empiricism? Deleuze's reading of Hume
  • Edward J Craig (University of Cambridge): Hume - Projectivist and Realist?
  • Marina Frasca-Spada (University of Cambridge): Quixotic Confusions and Hume’s Imagination
  • Susan James (Birkbeck College, London): Hume on the Passions
  • Peter J. E. Kail (University of Cambridge): Animal or Angel? Hume contra Malebranche
  • Susan Manning (University of Edinburgh): Hume's Fragments of Union and Scottish Enlightenment Fiction
  • Michael Martin (University College, London): Hume's Scepticism with Regard to the Senses
  • Isabelle Rivers (St-Hughs College, Oxford): Hume and 'The Whole Duty of Man'
  • Mark Sainsbury (King’s College London): Hume on the Reality of Relations
  • Richard Serjeantson (Trinity College, Cambridge): Rule and Circumstance in Hume
  • M A Stewart (Lancaster University): Hume's Intellectual Development