Analytic Philosophy and the History of Philosophy

With the support of the Mind Association, the Taylor & Francis Group, published of the BJHP, and in collaboration with the C.N.R.S., Paris.


  • Sir Anthony Kenny: 'The Philosopher's History and the History of Philosophy'

  • Jonathan Bennett: 'Locke IV.10'


  • Michael Ayers: 'Richard Burthogge and the Origins of Modern Conceptualism'
  • Vere Chappell: 'Hume and Reid on Human Action'
  • John Cottingham: 'Why Analytic Philosophers should do History of Philosophy'
  • Dan Garber: 'What's philosophical about the History of Philosophy?'
  • Oliver Leaman: 'Philosophy, its History and the Intentionalist Fallacy'
  • Malcolm Schofield Tom Sorell: 'On saying 'No' to the History of Philosophy'
  • Yves Charles Zarka: 'Is the Hobbes of the Analytic Approach the same as the Hobbes of History?'


  • Margaret Atherton: 'When was Analytic Philosophy the Death of the History of Philosophy?'
  • Michael Beaney: 'Historical Indexicality and the Paradox of Analysis'
  • Nikolay Milkov: 'History of Analytic Philosophy: Helping to Bring an Unfinished Project to its Conclusion'
  • John Rogers: 'The Nature of Philosophy and Its History'