Platonism at the Origins of Modernity: The Platonic Tradition and the Rise of Modern Philosophy

Location: Clare College, Cambridge

Dates: 27-29 March 2003

Organizers: Douglas Hedley and Sarah Hutton

"Platonism at the Origins of Modernity" will examine the role of the Platonic tradition in the developments associated with the beginnings of modern philosophy. The conference will aim to provide an overview of the state of Platonic philosophy at this time, giving prominence to the contribution of Platonism to the philosophy of the seventeenth century.

The conference will include papers on the use of Platonism by the first of the ‘modern’ philosophers (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz), as well as scientific figures, notably Kepler. There will also be discussion of their Platonist contemporaries, including the Cambridge Platonists and papers on the fortuna of Platonism, studies of interpreters and commentators on Plato, Plotinus and others.

Speakers include: Michael Allen, Robin Attfield, Leslie Armour, Marialuisa Baldi, Jean Louis Bretau, Stuart Brown, Stephen Clark, Eyjolfur Emilsson, Dilwyn Knox, James Hankins, Douglas Hedley, Philippe Hoffmann, Sarah Hutton, Laurent Jaffro, Christia Mercer, Dermot Moran, Victor Nuovo, John Rogers, Wilhelm Schmidt Biggemann, Alain Segonds, Han van Ruler, David Saunders, Ian Stewart, Friedrich Uhlein, Karin Verelst, Catherine Wilson.

The conference is supported by the Mind Association, The French Embassy and the Cambridge Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities.

The BSHP AGM will take place during te conference.

BSHP is offering a limited number of subventions of £50 to postgraduate students to defray the expenses of attending the conference. Contact Sarah Hutton for further details.