The BSHP Management Committee

Below is a list of current and past members of the BSHP Management Committee, who are charged with running the society, the journal, and organising conferences.


  • Maria Rosa Antognazza: Chair 2017-
  • Mogens Lærke: Secretary 2017-
  • Jeremy Dunham: Treasurer 2015-18

Other Members:

  • Cristina Chimisso: 2012-20
  • James Clarke 2015-19
  • Alix Cohen 2012-20
  • Marina Frasca-Spada 2012-20
  • Beth Lord: 2014-2018
  • Peter Millican 2015-19
  • Pauline Phemister 2012-20
  • Mark Sinclair 2014-18
  • Maria Rosa Antognazza: 2016-20
  • Susan James: 2016-20
  • Sophia Connell: 2017-
  • Beth Lord: 2014-2018

Co-opted member: Michael Beaney, Journal Editor

Foreign Corresponding Member: Mogens Lærke (2015-19)

Recent Society News

Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, sponsored by the BSHP.

Member awarded JHP Best Article Prize

The Journal of the History of Philosophy has announced that Clare Carlisle, BSHP member, is the winner of its best article prize for Volume 55.

New Scholarly Activity Grants

We have a new type of grant available to cover costs of scholarly activity.

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