Conferences and Events Funding Schemes

Two types of conference and events awards are available. Membership of the BSHP is a requirement for applying. Information on how to join us is available on this page

All BSHP members can apply for funding, including for events outside the UK. Considerations of value for money will be part of deliberations.

There is a standard amount of £500 available for child care if necessary for all BSHP sponsored events, over and above the conference funding otherwise awarded. The funding will be provided upon request by the conference / event organizer, who will be responsible for the type of child-care offered, and on condition of receipts.

Major Conference Award

A major award of a up to £2,000 is made twice a year for an international conference, held in the UK, on any aspect of the history of philosophy. The theme of the conference should be one that would be attractive for a special issue of the BJHP, to be guest-edited, as appropriate, by one or more of the conference organizers. No guarantee of eventual publication can be made, but it will be a requirement of the award that a collection of papers based on the conference be offered to the BJHP for publication as one of its special issues.

Applicants must contact the Editor of the BJHP, Prof. Michael Beaney, to discuss possibilities in advance of applying for the grant.

Minor Conference and Events Award

A number of smaller awards of up to £1000 are offered twice a year for a broader range of activities on the history of philosophy, including conferences, workshops, regular research seminars, workshops, public lectures, and special panels in conferences.

Application Procedure

To apply for a BSHP Conference Award please fill in this Application Form and send it by email to the secretary, Mogens Lærke

Deadlines for applications are the 31st March and the 31th October every year.

Rules for Successful Applicants

Successful applicants must agree to abide by the following rules:

  • At least one award applicant must be a member of the BSHP.
  • The Management Committee of the BSHP must approve the association.
  • The association with the BSHP must be acknowledged in all publicity material.
  • Reports on planning and progress must be delivered to the Management Committee of the BSHP on request.
  • As in the case of all BSHP conferences, BSHP members must be offered a reduction of at least 10% on conference registration fees (to be indicated on the registration form).
  • The BSHP would expect to be able to publicise the society and its journal during the proceedings of the conference.
  • The BSHP must be satisfied that the awards made are used for their intended purpose. Payment of the award will normally be made after the event has occurred and only upon receipt of a satisfactory report and detailed final accounts.
  • As signatories to the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme, the BSHP asks conference organizers to take steps to ensure gender balance among speakers and participants, as outlined here.
  • Details of events supported by the BSHP (including programme and call for papers if any) must be sent to the web editor who will post them on the BSHP webpage. Please submit details to via this form

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