The Rogers Prize

The Rogers Prize was established in 2011 in honour of the work of the founding editor of the BJHP, John Rogers, who retired that year after 18 years as editor. The Prize of £1000, jointly funded by the BSHP and the publisher of the BJHP, Taylor & Francis, is awarded each year for the best article published in the BJHP in the previous twelve months, judged by a committee composed of the Editor and Associate Editors of the journal.

Previous Winners of the Rogers Prize

The first Rogers Prize, for 2011, went to Jeremy Heis of the University of California at Irvine, for his article, ‘Ernst Cassirer’s Neo-Kantian Philosophy of Geometry’, published in 19.4.

The award for 2012 went to Sukjae Lee of Seoul National University for his article, ‘Berkeley on the Activity of Spirits’, published in 20.3. The committee also highly recommended ‘Malebranche, the Quietists, and Freedom’, by Julie Walsh and Thomas M. Lennon of the University of Western Ontario, published in 20.1.

The award for 2013 went to Antonio Donato of Queens College, City University of New York, for his article, ‘Forgetfulness and Misology in Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy’, published in 21.3. Runners up were Axel Gelfert of the National University of Singapore, for his article ‘Hume on Curiosity’, published in 21.4, and Robert C. Scharff of the University of New Hampshire, for his article, ‘Becoming a Philosopher: What Heidegger learned from Dilthey, 1919–25’, published in 21.1

The award for 2014 went to Tim Jankowiak of Southern Utah University, for his article, ‘Sensations as Representations in Kant’, published in 22.3.

The award for 2016 went to Olaf Mueller of Humbolt-Universität Berlin for his article 'Prismatic Equivalence – A New Case of Underdetermination: Goethe vs. Newton on the Prism Experiments’, published in BJHP 24.2. The two runners-up were Justin Steinberg, of Brooklyn College, City University of New York, for his article ‘Affect, Desire, and Judgment in Spinoza’s Account of Motivation’, published in 24.1, and Thomas McNally, of Trinity College Dublin, for his article ‘More Than a Feeling: Wittgenstein and William James on Love and Other Emotions’, published in 24.4.

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