Scholarly Activity Grants | Funding

Grants up to the value of £1000 are available towards the costs of the following activities:

  1. Visiting archives and specialist libraries. Costs may include travel, accommodation, meals, photocopies, scanning and library membership.
  2. Obtaining copies of documents from archives and libraries, electronically or by post.
  3. Giving papers at conferences. Costs may include travel, accommodation, meals and conference fee.
  4. Starting or furthering a collaboration with other scholars, aimed at publications and/or joint projects. Costs may include travel and accommodation.

Membership of the BSHP is a requirement for applying. Information on how to join us is available on this page. Precedence will be given to students, unwaged members, and those working in institutions with very limited research budgets.

Applicants should clarify whether/which other sources of funding are at their disposal for such expenses, and whether they have already applied for them. They are also required to give details of the expected outcomes of the activity for which they are seeking funding.

Normally, the BSHP will only reimburse costs of meals (where applicable) up to £30/day.

Successful applicants should note that receipts will be requested as evidence of expenses, and that the BSHP should be acknowledged in publications resulting from the research supported by the grant.

How to Apply

Please download and complete the application form, available here. Once completed, it should be sent to

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