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Recent News

2018 Graduate Essay Prize – winner and runner-up

After a rigorous process of blind peer review of over 50 entrants, the BSHP has selected a winner and runner-up for its 2018 Graduate Essay Prize. The winner is Hannah Laurens of the University of St. Andrews for her essay “Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics II.19”.

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Pedro Faria wins BSHP Funded SSEMP Prize

The Winner of the 2019 Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy (SSEMP) prize, funded by the BSHP, is Pedro Faria (Cambridge University) for his essay: “Hume and the Académie des Inscriptions: the nature of historical evidence in the early eighteenth-century.”

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Collaboration with the Forum for Philosophy

The British Society for the History of Philosophy is launching a collaboration with the Forum for Philosophy. More information and events will be announced through the website soon.

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