Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Gronigen Centre Summer School

The British Society for Phenomenology is sponsoring the Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy. The event will be held in the Sir Duncan Rice Library, in the University of Aberdeen. For more information, please contact Mogens Lærke: The full programme is also available from our sponsored events page.

Recent News

Collaboration with the Forum for Philosophy

The British Society for the History of Philosophy is launching a collaboration with the Forum for Philosophy. More information and events will be announced through the website soon.

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Graduate Essay Prize, Deadline 30 November

BSHP Graduate Essay Prize 2018, deadline is 30/11/2018

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Women, Philosophy and the History of Philosophy | BSHP Annual Lecture

Second BSHP Annual Lecture, by Sarah Hutton. Women, Philosophy and the History of Philosophy. November 2nd 2018. Maison Francaise D'Oxford.

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