Kant and Neo-Kantianism

British Society for the History of Philosophy in association with the UK Kant Society

About this Conference

Location: Department of Philosophy, Keele University

Date: Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th April

Organizer: Philip Stratton-Lake, Dept. of Philosophy, Keele University, Staffs., ST5 5BG


Paul Guyer, Onora O'Neill, Marcia Baron, David Bell, Anthony Savile, Guy Stock, Paul Gorner, Ian Lyne, Christian Wenzel, Tim Thornton, Christopher Adair-Toteff, Hans-Johann Glock, Aviezer Tucker, James O'Shea and Robin Taylor.


Thursday 3rd

14.30 - 15.00 Registration and tea. Keele Hall Foyer

15.00 - 16.30 Paul Gorner (Aberdeen), "Heidegger's Interpretation of Kant".

Ian Lyne (Warwick), "Rickert and Heidegger: On the Value of Everyday Objects".

16.30 - 17.00 Tea.

17.00 - 18.30 David Bell (Sheffield)

18.30 - 19.30 Wine Reception in Senior Common Room

19.30 Dinner

20.30 BSHP AGM

Friday 4th

9.00 - 10.30 Christian Wenzel (Wuppertal), "The Judgement of Taste and its Universal Validity"

Tim Thornton (Warwick), "Wittgenstein, Kant and the Connection between Aesthetic and Empirical Judgements"

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee

11.00 - 12.30 Onora O'Neill (Cambridge), "Kantian Constructivisms"

13.00 Lunch

14.00 - 15.30 Chistopher Adair-Toteff (American University of Bulgaria), Imagination and Synthesis in the A and B Deductions"

15.30 - 16.00 Tea

16.00 - 17.30 Marcia Baron (Illinois, USA)

18.00 Dinner.

19.30 - 21.00 Hans-Johann Glock (Reading), "Frege, Kant and Neo-Kantianism"

Aviezer Tucker (Palackeho, Czech Republic), "Uniqueness and the Distinction Between the Sciences"

Saturday 5th

9.00 - 10.30 James O'Shea (Dublin), "Reflections on Sense and Science in Kant and Sellars"

Guy Stock (Dundee), "Activity and Passivity in our knowledge of Space and Time"

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee

11.00 - 12.30 Paul Guyer (Pennsylvania, USA)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 - 15.30 Robin Taylor (Kent), "Kant Defended against a Criticism by Paul Guyer".

15.30 - 16.00 Tea and departure

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