Giordano Bruno: Philosopher of the Renaissance

Commemorating the four-hundredth anniversary of his death at the stake.

About this Conference

Location: University College London

Date: 15-17 June, 2000

Organizer: Professor Hilary Gatti, Dipartimento di ricerche storico-filosofiche e pedagogiche, Università di Roma „La Sapienza"

The conference was hosted by the British Society for the History of Philosophy in association with:

  • The Department of Science and Technology and the Centre for Italian Studies, University College London
  • The British Academy, The Italian Cultural Institute, London
  • Il Dipartimento di ricerche storico-filosofiche e pedagogiche, Università di Roma „La Sapienza";
  • Il Centro Internazionale di Studi Bruniani of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici
  • Comitato nazionale per le celebrazioni del IV centenario della morte di Giordano Bruno

The conference was sponsored by the Ministero dei Beni Culturali

The conference was preceded by an inaugural meeting held at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Belgrave Square on Wednesday, June 14th where the proceedings were introduced by Prof. Tullio Gregory, Università di Roma „La Sapienza", followed by a special lecture by Prof. Giovanni Aquilecchia, University of London, President, Centro Internazionale di Studi Bruniani: „Giordano Bruno as Renaissance Philosopher"

The opening address at University College on Thursday, June 15th, was given by Professor Michele Ciliberto, President of the Comitato nazionale per le celebrazioni del quattrocentesimo anniversario della morte di Giordano Bruno.

Conference speakers:

  • Eliot Albert (Goldsmiths College): The contemporaneity of Bruno's Materialism
  • Lars Berggren (University of Lund, Sweden): The Visual Image of Giordano Bruno
  • Constance Blackwell (Foundation for Intellectual History): Bruno in the German Histories of Philosophy from Brucker to Hegel
  • P.R. Blum (Peter Pazmany University, Budapest): Being a Modern Philosopher and Reading Bruno
  • Stuart Brown (Open University): Monodology in Bruno and the Young Leibniz
  • Lia Buono Hodgart (Royal Holloway College): Neapolitan and Vernacular Speech-forms in Bruno's "Candelaio"
  • Leo Catana (University College London): Meanings of "contractio" in Bruno's 'sigillus sigillorum"
  • Stephen Clucas (Birkbeck College London): "Perfecte agit ars, naturae agenti connectitur": problems of disciplinary definition in Bruno's "ars memorativa"
  • Karen De L&eacuteon Jones (CNRS Paris): Moses the Philosopher: Biblical Authority in the Italian Dialogues
  • Marta Fattori, (Universit&agrave di Roma "La Sapienza"): Alessandro Citolini, a Common Source for Bruno and Bacon
  • Mordechai Feingold (Virginia Polytechnic Institute): Has Giordano Bruno been in Oxford?
  • Maurice Finocchiaro (University of Nevada, Las Vegas): Bruno and Galileo
  • Hilary Gatti (University of Rome "La Sapienza"): Bruno and the Protestant Ethic
  • Andrew Gregory (University College London): Bruno and Harvey on the Circulation of the Blood
  • Dilwyn Knox (University College London): Bruno's Pythagorean Dyads in "La cena de le ceneri"
  • Ramon Mendoza (Florida International University): Metempsychosis in Bruno's Nova Philosophia
  • Nuccio Ordine (University of Calabria): Bruno e il "Filebo" di Platone
  • Letizia Panizza (Royal Holloway College London): Lucian's Silenus in the context of Bruno 'spaccio de la bestia trionfante"
  • Sandra Plastina (University of Calabria): Bruno and Nicholas Hill: the New Cosmology in the "Philosophia epicurea"
  • Piyo Rattansi (University College London): Bruno, Lull and Paracelsus
  • Ingrid Rowland (University of Chicago): Bruno and Neapolitan Neo-platonism
  • Ernesto Schettino (National Autonomous University of Mexico) The Necessity of the Minima in the Nolan Philosophy
  • Leen Spruit (University of Rome "La Sapienza"): Bruno and Astrology
  • Elisabetta Tarantino (University of Wales at Aberystwyth): The Colonial Theme in Bruno's "Ash Wednesday Supper" and Shakespeare's "The Tempest"
  • Michael Wyatt (Wesleyan University, Conn.): "Bruno's Infinite Worlds in John Florio's "New World of Words".

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