Athens and Jerusalem: Christianity and the History of Philosophy

About this Conference

Location: Keele University

Date: 6-9 April 2000

Organizer: G. A .J. Rogers (Keele University)

Speakers Included

  • Maria Rosa Antognazza (Aberdeen)
  • Leslie Armour (Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, Ottawa)
  • Robin Attfield (Cardiff)
  • Paul Richard Blum (Budapest)
  • Stuart Brown (Open University)
  • Stephen Clarke (Liverpool)
  • Desmond Clarke (Cork)
  • John Cottingham (Reading)
  • Peter De May (Leuven)
  • Luc Foisneau (CNRS, Paris)
  • Douglas Hedley (Cambridge)
  • Paul Helm (King's College, London)
  • Sarah Hutton (Middlesex)
  • Anthony Kenny (Oxford)
  • Jill Kraye (Warburg Institute)
  • Mark Larrimore (Princeton)
  • John Marshall (Johns Hopkins)
  • Richard Mason (Cambridge)
  • David Palin (Manchester)
  • Pauline Phemister (Liverpool)
  • Richard H. Popkin (UCLA)
  • John Vladimir Price (Edinburgh)
  • P. Quinn (All Hallows, Dublin)
  • David Robinson (KCL)
  • G.A.J. Rogers (Keele)
  • Alan Sell (Aberystwyth)
  • Luisa Simonutti (Milan)
  • Andreas Speer (University of Cologne)
  • Timothy Sprigge (Edinburgh)
  • Carlos Steel (Catholic University of Leuven)
  • M.A. Stewart (Lancaster)
  • Martin Stone (KCL)
  • Theo Verbeek (Utrecht)

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