BSHP Annual Conference 2014

Scottish Common Sense Philosophy, University of Edinburgh

7th-9th May, 2014

(Supported by the Mind Association, Scots Philosophical Association, and Taylor & Francis publishers)

Of the distinctive ideas associated with the Scottish Enlightenment, the so-called Scottish School of Common Sense dominated late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Scottish moral philosophy. From its Scottish origin in the Aberdeen Philosophical Society (also known as the ‘Wise Club’) and some disagreement over the term ‘common sense’, Common Sense philosophy gradually became known in the wider Republic of Letters as Scottish philosophy. This three-day conference will advance a better understanding of the early development of Scottish Common Sense philosophy, philosophers associated with the Scottish School of Common Sense, and the reasons why this philosophical system flourished and later declined.


The Conference Programme is available to download from this link (PDF file).


Registration fees and an on-line booking form is available on the University of Edinburgh ePay Site.


The conference will take place in McEwan Hall Reception Room 1.300. For details see


Accommodation is available at Masson House. Information and booking is available at

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